Clearing drains was once a time-consuming, haphazard process. Thanks to our CCTV drain inspection equipment, drain cleaning and the clearance of blocked drainage has become an efficient, cost effective procedure when carried out by one of Sydney Drain Doctors’ experienced professionals.

Clearing drains can eliminate foul odours and stop unsightly refuse collecting above gulley traps. Whether the blockage is caused by tree roots, oil and grease deposits or other foreign matter, clearing drains is a specialised task and Sydney Drain Doctor is your best choice for fast, friendly and reliable service.

Tree roots are the most common cause of blocked drains in Australia. Especially in the hottest months of summer, trees will be thirsty for water and will be drawn to the condensation that forms on the outside of pipes. These roots will eventually break through and gradually cause a storm water or sewer blockage. When Sydney Drain Doctors’ plumbers clear a blocked drain we try to identify.

for the customer which trees are most likely to be causing the problem. As a general rule trees and plants should be planted as far away as possible from sewer and storm water drainage lines.

It is also important to be careful what you put down your sinks. Fat and grease will stick to the inside of drains and should never be disposed of down the sink. Large amounts of hair can cause clogged or blocked drains and should be prevented from going down your shower waste or vanity basin. Excessive toilet paper is acommon cause of a blocked toilet. Cement or plaster from DIY repairs will also prevent water flowing smoothly through your sewer and may cause a blocked drain.

So don’t cut corners, leave it to the professionals.

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